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home sweet home.

it was hard and challenging in many respects. i cried, i felt lonely, homesick, and frustrated. sometimes even vulnerable, other times angry. confused always. but what transition period in a new and foreign place isn’t like this? don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t torture. but it wasn’t all elephant rides and pineapple on a stick either. 

yesterday marked my five month point here and i feel like a different person than when i first arrived. i jumped head first into a new country, culture, and way of life. i took on a job as a full time teacher when i had zero experience in the field all while not speaking the same language as my students and the faculty. i was hopping on a bus any chance i got to see somewhere new in thailand. it was a whirlwind of constant stimulation. utterly exhausting. sometimes even a blur. recently though, in the past month or so, a shift has occurred. a feeling of comfort has replaced the excitement. i’m not jumping from place to place. things are calm and i feel settled. i feel comfortable and i feel happy. i made it past that awkward transition stage anyone goes through when moving somewhere new. i’ve adapted and i now feel like i’m living out my life the way i want to in a place i consider home.

this shift came along at the perfect time, right as my first semester comes to an end along with the opening chapter of my time here. tomorrow starts the beginning of my six week summer break where i will be traveling through vietnam, cambodia, northern thailand, and india. i’m at peace and happy with the note i am leaving on. and while i know i will have an incredible time exploring these other countries, i don’t doubt when i come back to thailand for the next go around, it will feel like home sweet home.

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